Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Unintentional Community

What do you do when you realize that you've just invited a bunch of people to come for a while and stay? Laugh, move a bunch of stuff out of the way and pretend that you haven't lost your mind...

Jen, a friend of ours from Via Christus Community Church is participating in the masters program at Wheaton College. She was heading to Brazil for a four month mission trip and wasn't sure where she'd be living when she returned after Christmas...

April, another friend from Via Christus, was wanting to move on from her christian camp job - but not move away from the area quite yet. One thing led to another, and well - it's a good thing it's a four bedroom house.

So with two friends coming for awhile to live and laugh with us, we moved Corwin (4yrs) and Angeleah (2 yrs) into a bedroom together, and then Matt's office got moved into our bedroom. Why give them each bedrooms of their own? We have three small children (Theo is 9 months), Jen and April NEED their own space.

Jen arrived shortly after Christmas and April moved in mid-January. I had thought we'd get to spend more time together, but it's definately catch-as-catch-can with everyone on different schedules. Off and on we're home the same nights and it's a lot of fun catching up with what's happening in everyone's lives.

The highlights so far? Having invited two people to come and share our life has sharpened and reinvigorated my relationship with my husband Matt. The same old - same old is no longer the same - it's new. Listening and loving the two gals has helped me remember to listen to and love my husband, and I feel listened to and loved. I've had more energy to put towards reinventing aspects of our relationship that had needed work. And talking about our beliefs, goals and priorities with Jen and April has reminded us what is important to us...

So hopefully it will continue to grow into something beautiful...our unintentional community.