Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Reinventing again

I'm so glad that blogger doesn't automatically delete your account after a few years. It's been quite a while since I logged in, but this seems to be a good fallback location to discuss and think through things.

Life with 4 kids has gotten hectic. With all the extra activities, the days spent with Travian and the Wild team seem to be a bygone era of too much free time. Now with all the changes in our lives, we as a family need to pare down and make things more efficient so we have the time to do the things would like to add to our schedule.

I was thinking about this over the weekend while at the Stronghold Renaissance Fair. I think one of the best place to start is with the wisdom words that I've collected and that I sell at my craft booth. One phrase in particular struck me, "the wise do at first, what the fool does at last." I think it would be wise for me to try to take some of these quotes to heart. Not as some giant campaign, but by taking one idea per week and trying to make it a change that we incorporate into the rhythm of our family.

So for this week, my goal is to take a look at the things that I put off, and take hold of them and do them first. We'll see how this goes!

Ugh, starting with dishes and laundry!