Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ending another server

Its endgame time in Travian yet again - and Im looking forward to a minimum of several months off. Was reading back here today, wanting to show a friend a picture of the bedroom mural as I was describing what the new mural project was going to look like. I ran across some of my posts on leadership.

After leading teams for roughly the last 4 years, its almost hard to imagine and identify with how constrained I felt about leadership. We have excelled in the international servers on Travian, one of the largest browser games in existence. And its been hellaciously hard work. Incredible dedication from people that love the team and pull together to get done what we do. Its taken a teeth grinding obsession with organization and incredibly gifted partners in leadership. I love Wild. With our second server win almost completed, I can proudly say Wild is a unique and incredible experience.

It also boggles my mind that it took an internet game and the anonymity of a keyboard interface to get me past gender labels and naysayers. I CAN LEAD.

Thank you God.

Mama Bear of The Wild
Meta Leader